JustShareIt.com – Driveway Envy

YEAR: 2011 SYNOPSIS: Commercial spot for JustShareIt.com CAST Spokesman: Nathan Fisher Scooter Girl (Jamie): Wonder Russel Remote Unlock Guy: Janu Vanier PRODUCTION Executive Producer / Writer: Andrew Kinzer Director / Cinematographer: Sam Nuttmann Producer / Assistant Director: Aria Alexandra Editor / Live Sound: Brian Nunes Motion Graphics: Sam Rohr Production Assistant: Janu Vanier, Joshua Guerci Motorcycle Driver: Anthony Goncharoff ADR Sound / Music: Sam Nuttmann TECHNICAL INFO Camera: Canon 5DMKII Lenses: 24-70mm L, 70-200mm L Camera crane provided by IndiSystem.com Color graded using Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite (RedGiantSoftware.com) MORE INFO JustShareIt.com

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