The Millionaire’s Club “Live” – High and Dry

Music and video recorded live at Pike’s Market, Seattle. SYNOPSIS: This short documentary follows the story of the Seattle street performing band The Millionaire’s Club as they busk in Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market. BAND Jake Landry: Guitar and Vocals Slim Nelson: Harmonica and Washboard Clarinet: Craig Flory Upright Bass: Kevin Stevens PRODUCTION CREW Producer / Director / Cinematography: Sam Nuttmann & Keith Bolling Editor / Sound Design: Sam Nuttmann Live Music Production: Sam Nuttmann DETAILS Year: 2010 Camera: Canon 5D Lenses: Canon 17-40mm L, 70-200mm L, 100mm L Live sound recording: Zoom H4n, Sennheiser G3, MXL mic Coloring: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite (