Check out our Live Music Video gallery >> WHAT IS A LIVE MUSIC VIDEO? A Live Music Video is designed to specifically showcase your band’s music, stage presence and personality. We produce a live recording of your music, performance and, as an option, conduct live interviews with your band members. The result is a high quality, true-to-life glimpse into who your band really is.
Filming Rosh and One Eye Glass Broken at Pike's Market, Seattle

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT THAN A REGULAR MUSIC VIDEO? Most music videos attempt to tell fictional stories or are simply collections of random film clips assembled to the tempo of your studio recorded music track. These videos do little to tell the viewer anything about the band performing, as most of the emphasis is put on the visual aspects of the video. Our Live Music Videos are designed to put all of the emphasis on your musical performance, both audibly and visually.       WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A LIVE MUSIC VIDEO? • Showcases your real talent and stage presence • Offers insight into your band’s personality • The video and audio can be recorded anywhere you desire • Excellent addition to your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) • Positive exposure on online video networks (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
Filming The Millionaire's Club at Pike's Market, Seattle

WHAT YOU GET • HD DSLR professional film-quality video • Professional HD audio recording of your performance • Broadcast safe, ready for TV / theater viewing • Final video output in any and all formats you need • You own all rights to the finished video • Distribution throughout the Session 7 Media video network HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? We understand how hard it is to make money at making music and strive to be affordable to even the smallest band budgets. Please contact us for a quote at Check out our Live Music Video gallery >>