The Artifact – A short film

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The Artifact – A short film

YEAR: 2012
SYNOPSIS: A young girl’s life is changed forever when she encounters a mysterious man and the unusual wares he carries with him.

Claire: Saffron Bull
Jack: Scott C. Brown
Lorraine: Alysia Spane
Peter: Andrew Bosch
Grey Arabian Horse: Shasta
Kiger Mustang Horse: Luna

Director: Sam Nuttmann
Director of Photography: Keith Bolling
Producer: Lisa LeVan
Co-Producer: Erin Weathers, Andy Dopieralski, Sam Nuttmann
Writer: Aria Alexandra, Sam Nuttmann
Costume and Set Designer: Jane Speleers
Assistant Costume and Set Designer: Jme Frank
Camera Operator: Keith Bolling, Sam Nuttmann, Girard Fleur, Andy Dopieralski
R/C Helicopter Operator: Andrew Davis, Darrin Howell
Zipline Camera Technician: Scott Williams
Underwater Camera Technician: Jesse Mallory
Stunt Camera Operator: Keith Bolling
Lead Grip: Garvin Carrell
Editor and Visual Effects: Sam Nuttmann
Co-editor: Keith Bolling
Storyboard Artist: Aria Alexandra
Casting: Lisa LeVan
Stunt Coordinator: Scott Williams, Chris Jonason
Craft Services: Janu Vanier
Production Assistant: Erin Weathers, Andrew Bull, Susan Bill, Joe Bosch
Original Music: Sam Nuttmann

Horses provided and managed by Chris Jonason and the

Special thanks to indiSYSTEM Camera Gear and Red Giant Software

Shot on location in Index, Washington, USA.

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