From 30 second commercial spots to feature length films, video is perhaps the most powerful way to communicate with a modern audience. Video can be deeply impactful – it can move us, take us to another world, teach us or entertain us, all at once.

For all those reasons and more, Session 7 Media is passionate about film and video in all respects. In addition to being a full-service video production company, we are regularly involved in film festivals, film contests, special interest projects and the production of independent films and documentaries.

Session 7 Media produces video for any application imaginable, including:

* Traditional commercial spots
* Product demonstration spots, aka “sizzles”
* Presentations and seminars
* Trade show presentations
* Event coverage, including difficult locations such as in-water and on-snow events
* Training videos
* Virtual property / location tours
* Videos for online applications such as websites, YouTube, MySpace, etc.
* Feature documentaries and movies
* Music videos


Our studios are fully equipped with the latest digital video recording and editing technologies in order to produce stunning, professional quality video. Every video we create comes complete with:

* Professional high-end video capture using professional-grade cameras and video equipment
* Digital editing using industry-standard software and equipment
* Professional titling and motion graphics
* True color correction
* High quality HD video output in all popular formats
* Customized DVD menus (when applicable)

Creating Professional Quality Video
While creating a simple home video on one’s PC has been made relatively easy these days through modern technology, creating professional theater-quality videos is not so simple. In video production, every element must be perfect to capture the right look and feel for each shot: the lighting, the sound, background composition, subject positioning, and that’s just the filming part of the project! The editing process introduces a whole other world of technical complexity and necessity. Our video production team at Session 7 Media has the professional experience and know-how to take care of every little detail involved in this process so you can rest assured that your video will look, sound and feel like a professional, theatrical release.
Training and Technical Expertise
The staff at Session 7 Media is passionate about film and video production and our interest in the medium does not stop at commercial production. We have over 10 years of experience in creating video projects of all sorts, including independent shorts, documentaries, music videos and much more. We are active supporters of other film and video makers through organizations such as the Northwest Film Forum.
We Want To Produce Your Next Video Project
We can’t wait to begin working with you on your next video project! Whether it’s an entertaining video introduction for your next big presentation or a music video for your band’s next hit, we are confident you will be blown away by our work. Please e-mail us at or call us at 206.669.2264 to talk about how we can make your next video project a huge hit!